How to register accounts?

Enter the registration page. Set the user name and login password. Verify the mobile phone number to complete the registration.

How to modify login password?

Enter the personal center page, click account management, then you can change your password according to the prompt.

How to bind phone number to accounts?

When registering, you will be prompted to bind the phone number, and you can bind it when you complete the verification according to the prompt.

Forget password

You can click "Retrieve Password" on log-in page, and complete password modification by binding mobile phone number with verify information.

How to bind e-mail address?

After the registration is completed, you can complete your info in the personal center and verify your e-mail address to bind.

Log-in problems

When account can not be logged in, there could be the following circumstances:

Please check whether the login name and password are correct.

If the login name and password are correct, please contact the customer service personnel.


Do we provide invoice?

When placing an order, you can choose the type of invoice. After the order is completed, we will provide invoice.

Does the invoice include freight?

The total order price includes the commodity price and freight price, and the freight payment part will not be shown separately.


How to issue VAT invoices?

You can contact our customer service to provide Invoicing information when placing an order. We will issue and send it out within 15 working days from the completion of the order.

How to set invoice information?

You can input your invoice information and the receive address at the Personal Center-Invoice Information.

When will the invoice be mailed?

We will issue and send it out within 15 working days from the completion of the order.

Is electronic invoice the same as paper invoice?

According to the Notice of the State Tax Administration of Beijing, Beijing Local Tax Administration, Beijing Business Committee and Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce on Several Issues Concerning the Pilot Application of Electronic Invoice (No. 8, 2013), the Notice of Several Issues Concerning Expanding the Pilot Application of Electronic Invoice (No. 18, 2013), Shanghai State Tax Administration, Shanghai Business Committee, etc. Shanghai Development and Reform Commission, Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau, Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce, Announcement on the Pilot Application of Electronic Invoices in Shanghai (No. 6 of 2013); Chengdu State Tax Administration, Chengdu Business Bureau, Chengdu Development and Reform Commission, Chengdu Finance Bureau and Chengdu Administration for Industry and Commerce, Several Pilot Application of Electronic Invoices in Chengdu Notice of matters (No. 1 of 2014); Guangzhou State Taxation Bureau, Guangzhou Development and Reform Commission, Guangzhou Economic and Trade Commission, Guangzhou Finance Bureau, Guangzhou Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, Guangzhou Municipal People's Government's State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Guangzhou Administration for Industry and Commerce, Guangzhou Local Taxation Bureau on Electronic Invoice in Guangzhou Using the pilot announcement (No. 5 of 2014), Electronic invoice and paper invoice have the same legal effect and can be used as after-sale and rights protection vouchers.


Note: Note: Electronic invoices can only issue ordinary VAT invoices, not special VAT invoices. Both are available for paper invoices


After Sales

Check before acceptance

When you receive the goods, please check the goods on the spot, confirm that the goods are intact before sign and receive them. If you find that the goods themselves have problems, please submit the application for refund and exchange of goods in the order page or contact our online customer service within 24 hours after signing and receiving, we will have professional after-sales personnel solving the problem for you.

Will it be refunded if reject the goods?

Our product is customized products, no return or refund unless imperfect goods. In case of special circumstances, such as natural disasters, accidents, riots and other force majeure, as well as personal special reasons, you can contact our customer service to seek solution.

Circumstance for refund and return

Our product is customized products. For imperfect print and damage in delivery, please contact our customer service to refund or return; for other preferent reason, no refund or return.

Do we have no- reason return within seven days policy?

Printing is customized goods, unless it is imperfect printing or damage in delivery, we won’t accept return request with no reason.



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