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Shenzhen Heidelberg network technology co., LTD is an Internet printing collaborative platform service provider established by Heidelberg printing machinery co., LTD on the basis of global digital strategy.


Shenzhen chaoren information technology co., ltd. is the deep technical partner of shenzhen Heidelberg network technology co., ltd. and provides core technical support for shenzhen Heidelberg network technology co,


LTD. The two sides jointly developed the collaborative platform of Internet printing: BOXUNI doctor cube.


BOXUNI doctor cube is the first cloud-based packaging design and pre-press intelligent Internet printing collaborative platform in China, providing packaging box independent online design, process real-time 3D preview,

intelligent pre-press process processing, cloud storage and other services.

Users can easily and efficiently customize, design and order color boxes online. The platform utilizes advanced digital technology, combined with a highly automated and standardized printing process network,

to reduce or eliminate the correction cycle and coordination process before box printing.

At the same time, with BOXUNI doctor cube as the core, we provide customized online mall service for enterprises and build our own UniDesign (designed by you) designer community. Through the above three sections,

build a global leading printing ecosystem connecting designers, printing enterprises and packers.

Enabling the digital development of the printing industry, every designer, print buyer and printer using the BOXUNI PhD cube platform will benefit.

Address: room 1205, building B3, kexing science park, nanshan district, shenzhen

Contact number: 4009930080


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